London School of English

When the prestigious London School of English in Kensington needed a specially made inner entrance solution to address the issue of security and environmental control, the challenge of overcoming extremely demanding technical issues were addressed by DSS designers who provided a three metre wide, 180 curve bi-parting door solution which would integrate with the existing architectural features and do so without structural adaptations to the building's grand internal entrance.

London School of EnglishUsing small cross-section profiles and sophisticated metal profiling and bending facilities, the door was produced in record time and transported to the central London site from the DSS factory in East Kilbride. Onsite, a team of engineers installed the door overnight and left the client with an entrance solution fit for the grand reception area of the school.

To deliver a solution that is carefully integrated and takes nothing away from the traditional look and feel for the building is what DSS seeks to achieve at every location. Be it a grand entrance in a listed building, or retail store, the same demand for perfection and reliability is what makes DSS the supplier of choice. Where the requirement is to go beyond the ordinary and help the architect put substance to a creative vision, the solution also has to operate with safety and reliability for its entire working life.

The ability of DSS to manufacture the solution in-house and ensure the quality of the delivered product throughout the entire supply chain is extremely rare in the automatic door industry.


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