Service chain optimisation

At DSS, the relationship we have with our clients does not end with the completion certificate. We recognise that any high value asset, such as an automated entrance system, needs occasional care and attention to keep it operating at its best. Over the years we have developed a finely tuned Service and Support programme to ensure your investment is always operating at its best. On those occasions where you need our advice or support we can be there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We have a range of service products from PAYGO to fully comprehensive to ensure the safe and smooth operation of your equipment and we are available to support DSS products and alternative brands. Our Gold, Silver and Bronze level service programs are designed to take the worry away from looking after your assets, whether a single operating system or thousands of assets across the UK.

DSS trained staff in GPS monitored service vehicles are well equipped and strategically located to minimise response times when you need us. Our engineers benefit from real time information relayed across our micro computer system ensuring minimum paperwork and maximum accuracy and accountability when handling service and maintenance issues, all to your benefit.

Our service centre is operated 24/7 and ensures our clients' calls are handled by a UK-based expert solely focused on the task at hand.

DSS don’t have 'Contracts', we prefer to have relationships. Our service relationship agreement demonstrates our desire to deliver the best possible service at all times. We want you to think of the equipment we supply to you as being invisible, doing its job, day after day, opening doors to your business and your customers, leaving DSS to ensure it operates correctly for many trouble-free years.


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