Safety and Reliability

safety & reliabilitySafety considerations are a top priority and DSS will only recommend an automatic door package that is suitable for its environment and fully compliant with the Institute of British Standards document BS7036:1996 Safety at Pedestrian Powered Automatic Doors parts 1-5.

All DSS systems are controlled by a microprocessor which monitors all movement and includes a number of default safety systems designed to manage the door system to a predetermined 'safe' position in the event of alarm conditions or failure.

Our automatic door systems are encrypted to prevent them being removed, offering everyone using a DSS door system the knowledge that the door will always operate safely.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an increasing concern for every industry, therefore DSS actively carries out energy efficiency research as part of our responsibilities to the environment.

There is ongoing development of production processes to reduce the use of raw materials wherever possible. This is further supported by the introduction of the A100/140 series automatic sliding door system.

The A100/140 series has an absorbed energy rating of 100 watts per cycle, which is 50% less than other brands available, thereby contributing to a reduction in energy consumption and helping the end user to reduce their carbon footprint as well as helping to reduce the overall cost of ownership.


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